About Us

“I look forward to serving you!”


I am a dedicated professional Realtor®, specializing in selling residential homes. I believe that mutual trust & respect are the keys to great service, based on 19 years real estate experience and over 35 years experience in service industries. In addition to a strong commitment to excellence & continued learning, I’m committed to raising the level of professionalism in real estate, and to serving my clients at the highest level.

When choosing a Realtor®, it’s important to choose someone who is willing to design a plan specifically for you, while understanding the relationship to today’s market and today’s technology. I will start at the beginning, focusing on what is most important to you and your family about your move. Together we’ll determine the best plan to move you forward.

Great communication is essential. First & foremost, I recognize that you want your Realtor® to be easy to reach, whether you prefer speaking live or electronically. Strong communication skills are also paramount in order to skillfully achieve your goals, including getting you the most money on the sale of your home, saving you money on your new home or simply helping you acquire your new home and achieving success even in multiple offers.

Selling your home? I consistently achieve significantly higher than average sale prices, making considerably more money for my clients. Most importantly, I put myself in my clients’ shoes and work no differently than if I’m working for my own family. As a result, most of my business comes from referrals from satisfied clients, who know that I genuinely have their best interest in heart & mind, and will always provide the valuable expertise they need and want. In addition to Mississauga & Toronto, I serve clients moving to and from many of the surrounding areas. Contact me today to find out what your home is worth, or to find that next great property. Learn more about selling your home.

Buying a home? I consistently save buyers money, while still making finding the right home the top priority. Together we’ll design a plan that specifically helps you define the type of home, location and budget you’re searching within, and find the right homes that match your specifications. I have access to all of the properties as they become available, and often even sooner! At Keller Williams, we have a tremendous network and cooperation among our agents that often gives us access to homes before they become available to the public. Learn more about buying a home.

As a leader in the industry, I’m proud to have been invited to serve on panels at real estate conferences across North America and to lead real estate information seminars. I am also proud to continue to serve as a mentor and trainer for Keller Williams Realty Solutions. I served for 3 years as a member of the Agent Leadership Council and Chair of the Finance Committee, and served previously for ten years on Government Relations for the Toronto Real Estate Board.


I was born and raised by hardworking, loving parents in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My father is a man who has always been completely dedicated to our family, and to his clients and their families. He was committed throughout his business life to provide excellence in sales and service to other people’s families. He always put the clients’ needs above his own, and has served as a stellar example to me.

I moved to Toronto in the early 1990s, and I currently live in Mississauga with my wife and daughter, where we have lived for the last 12 years. I’ve dedicated my business life to service industries, and am truly committed to and enjoy serving others.

My business experience began in my early 20s, managing high volume restaurants in Winnipeg. I was soon promoted to General Manager & Operations Director at the age of 27, overseeing the highest volume restaurant in the city. Looking back, this seems a young age to be given that amount of responsibility. It was an invaluable learning experience, and has been instrumental in what has continued to be a business life dedicated to serving others.

The transition to a career in real estate 16 years ago was a natural progression for me, and has allowed me to serve people and families on a much higher level. Helping so many people find and/or successfully sell their home is absolutely the most rewarding work of my life so far.

After several years working at a real estate brokerage on the downtown Toronto waterfront, more and more of my clients were buying and selling houses. And while many of my clients were still buying and selling condominiums, I needed to find a brokerage that would support me and ALL of my clients. I transferred to an office close to my home in south Mississauga, which also allowed me to be closer to my family at the end of the work day.


I am honored to have been the first registered Realtor® at Keller Williams Realty Solutions in Mississauga.

In late 2012, I was approached and introduced to a concept in Real Estate that I had never encountered before. This is a company dedicated to people – Realtors®, clients and their families, as well as making a difference in the community. One whose mission statement reads:

To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.

A company with a compelling business model, and a belief system that is close to my own heart:

  • Win-Win – or no deal
  • Integrity – do the right thing
  • Customers – always come first
  • Commitment – in all things
  • Communication – seek first to understand
  • Creativity – ideas before results
  • Teamwork – together everyone achieves more
  • Trust – starts with honesty
  • Success – results through people

Keller Williams Realty Solutions was about to open a brand new office, and in January 2013, I became the first registered Realtor® to join this exciting new office. After only 4½ years in operation, we are already outperforming other real estate brokerages in almost every neighbourhood we serve. Keller Williams is also the fastest growing real estate company in Canada, and is the #1 real estate company in the U.S. and in North America.