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The New Mortgage Rules: One Perspective

The following is an article by Dr. Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres.  One thing that I completely agree with, is the statement that these actions do nothing to address the shortage of housing supply.  If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any of this with me, I would welcome your […]

Federal Gov’t: Slow Down The Real Estate Market?

Finance Minister Bill Morneau recently announced that the federal government is looking at measures to slow housing markets, with particular attention to the GTA and Vancouver. Considering that 2 of the biggest factors in this sellers’ market are immigration and interest rates, are they planning to stop further immigration, or simply increase interest rates to […]

Ask The Pros: Real Estate Seminar With Calvin Weinfeld & David So (Free)

Come join me and mortgage broker David So (Top 50 mortgage brokers in Canada) as we separate myth from reality regarding real estate transactions in today’s market. We have wealth of experience in our respective fields and are pleased to pass our knowledge on to you. Whether you’re buying your 1st home, selling a property, or a savvy […]

I Sold This Home For $179,000 Over Asking Price!

Last night I sold a home for 24% more than the list price, which gave my sellers $179,000 more in their pocket! Call me and I’ll tell you the details of what you need to know about today’s market.

Key Elements That Will Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Everyone is concerned about the potential resale value of a home that they’re contemplating buying. There are a few things that you can do to bump this up, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to do so.     1. You need to make sure that the structure of your home is in […]

Property Staging… Properly Staged

Homeowners who haven’t listed their property in recent years may be surprised and somewhat skeptical of the advantages of styling or “staging” a home in order to maximize its resale price. However, it is a fact that detailing is very effective. When a professional designer is enlisted to optimize the appearance of a home, it […]

5 Easy Ways to Give your Home a Makeover This Fall

Where has the time gone?  Things are moving fast and furious now as we get closer to the holidays. Summer has already faded away & Fall is here! There is something about fall that gets a lot of us excited. Fall is almost synonymous to parties, guests and family gatherings. I am definitely in the mood for […]

So, How’s The Market?

If you watch, listen or read the news on a regular basis, you’ve probably come across numerous stories about the housing market.  One expert will claim that we’re in a housing bubble that’s doomed to burst.  Another will say that housing prices will continue to rise at a certain percentage for years to come.  Unless […]

Are There More Than 1,000 Homes On Your Street?

Ever wonder why small streets in Mississauga have addresses that start in the 1000’s? This is the explanation given on The City Of Mississauga’s website: “To assist emergency services, most addresses in the City of Mississauga follow a grid system. Grid lines run along main roads and individual addresses are measured from these lines, increasing as […]

Take Photos of Your Lawn and Garden

Many homeowners planning to sell a home plan to do so in mid to late spring, when their lawns and gardens are in bloom.  However, some of the top reasons people sell their home are less predictable such as a job transfer, a change in relationship, or health reasons. I recommend homeowners take lots of […]